Uploading of FSL cases online nears completion

The Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) has almost finished uploading case details sent by Delhi Police on the Delhi Police Criminal Dossier system, with just three days to go to finish the process, officials said.

The uploading of case details had begun in October. The director, FSL, had asked the case section department to upload the details of all cases and maintain them, officials said. “Earlier, the FSL would inform Delhi Police when a forensic report in a case was finalised. It was a long, manual process. Now, with the automation, Delhi Police can easily see the status of a case. When complete, the IO can collect the report from us for timely production in court,” FSL director Deepa Verma said.

Under the new system, a case sent by Delhi Police will be sent to the director, who will assign the expert to make a report on it. This will be reflected in the system as ‘under processing’. When the signatures of the director are made on the final report, the IO of the case will be issued an alert, with the case status reading ‘ready for collection’ on the system. To speed up the forensic examination of vehicles recovered, the FSL will get a newly constructed building dedicated to vehicle examination.