Canadian grandmother smuggles drugs in body cavity, caught by body scanner

The incredible story of a grandmother smuggling drugs into prison highlights in very stark terms the problems faced by correctional establishments worldwide.
The woman faces four drug related charges after admitting attempting to smuggle drugs into a Canadian maximum security prison where her son is an inmate.  Three packages containing, methamphetamine, heroin and marihuana resin were found in her vagina. After her arrest, investigators also found nicotine patches, cigarettes and hydromorphone (an opiate) in her bra, and other patches and toothpicks in her person.

The value of the drugs inside the prison system would have exceeded USD 12,200.00. Netherlands based security manufacturer, ODSecurity have announced that they have been awarded another contract to install a further 3 SOTER RS Through-Body Scanners in US Correctional Facilities. The contract is to supply 1 each SOTER RS Through-Body Scanners to Wood County, Ohio and Carrol County, Kentucky and a second unit in the City of NewsPort News, Virgina.

The use of Through Body Scanners in prisons is regarded as the most effective way of countering the smuggling of contraband material without subjecting inmates and visitors and staff to intrusive body searchers. The SOTER RS is a low dosage full body scanner which combines ultra-low radiation with maximum visibility, for use at airports and prisons. Within seconds the SOTER RS reveals hidden items, such as weapons or narcotics, diamonds, or any stolen or smuggled goods. It doesn’t even have to be metal. The SOTER shows a clear difference between human tissue and other materials. Even ingested or camouflaged items will be shown.

The SOTER RS will increase the level of security operations previously possible through the use of conventional metal detectors.  Non-metallic objects hidden under clothes, in natural cavities or within the human body cannot be detected by conventional metal detectors and typically, these non-detectable items, such as narcotics, explosives, precious stones, plastic weapons, or other contraband, can only otherwise be detected by highly intrusive total body searches.

SOTER RS is successfully deployed in prisons, in airports, detention centres, police and customs facilities worldwide including;   Australia, Denmark, Ghana, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, The Netherlands, The United Arab Emirates, The United States of America, The United Kingdom, Chile, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.