Dubai police uses drones for traffic violation detection

Dubai Police personnel have deployed drones to effectively tackle road rule violations, among others, and that these have become a vital tool to carry out routine activities each day.

It is reported that the drones are not just capable of scanning narrow lanes that are out of reach of police patrol cars but are equipped with high-resolution cameras which clearly capture vehicle registration details and the face of the person behind the wheels.

Two drones were deployed as part of an experiment and as per police officials, these have been a great success. But apart from checking on traffic violations, these drones have had a number of other even more serious benefits.

As many as 159 violations for wanted cars were also tracked and reported by the drones while also helping police officials to check on nefarious activities like drug dealing. Interestingly, 518 people were also fined for smaller violations like not wearing masks in Covid-19 times, and another 37 for jaywalking.

Drones and their wide-spread application may be a shot in the arm for police forces around the world. And while the Dubai Police department is also known for its garage full of ultra luxury and super expensive vehicles, drones may well be what the force here bets the biggest on.