‘eyevis’ UK surpasses one million hours a year of 24/7 operations at installations across UK

Video wall and visual display solutions provider ’eyevis’ UK has surpassed one million hours a year of 24/7 operation at their installations across the UK. The Burnley-based company provides high quality display solutions and video wall controllers to a wide range of sectors where quality and reliability are vital, including corporate, broadcasters, advertising displays, TV studios, CCTV control rooms, banks, and government buildings.

eyevis UK’s high quality LED video walls offer ultra-high resolution and extremely bright displays across a wide variety of applications. The latest eyevis technology means that, for the first time, there is now an indoor LED solution which provides the highest quality and resolution.

eyevis solutions are designed to meet these requirements and has led to a steady growth in demand, with installations ranging from high-profile government buildings to major Oxford Street retailers and high security prisons. eyevis, founded in 1995, is a manufacturer of intelligent control room video wall solutions. These include industrial modular displays, LED illuminated rear projection, and the narrowest bezel industrial LCDs; revolutionary Netpix video wall controllers and video wall control software.