Increased regulation on the way for Irish private security firms

Private security firms in Ireland carrying out High Court orders face increased regulations under new Government plans. The Justice Minister will brief the cabinet on plans to require the firms to be regulated by the Private Security Authority. Staff will have to undergo further training and a licencing system will be implemented.

It follows a review of the regulation of some security firms prompted by the removal of protesters from a vacant house on Dublin’s North Frederick Street last year.

Sinn Féin’s Finance Spokesperson Pearse Doherty outlines what would change for security workers. “They wouldn’t be able to wear balaclavas, they would have to identify themselves.
“If you go to a nightclub, the security personnel on the door has to have a clear ID,” Deputy Doherty added.”Third, they would have to be trained. They would all be licensed and there would be a body where you can complain over the activities of the individual or individuals and their licence could be revoked,” he concluded.