KPMG: Biometrics to play bigger role in 2016

Senior staff from global financial services firm KPMG have projected that biometrics will play a larger role in authentication in 2016. David Ferbrache, Technical Director at KPMG, in the group’s cyber security practice, wrote in his predictions for the cyber security landscape this year that passwords have become one of the weakest links in our security chain. “People are being forced to adopt more and more convoluted passwords, while simultaneously trying to avoid the temptation to reuse those super strong passwords. “It is high time we moved to more sophisticated approach to authenticating people which blends biometrics, behavioural analysis and contextual information rather than relying on knowledge of a single increasingly user unfriendly password.” However, he added that this prediction is one which “we would dearly love to see come true, but we have a suspicion isn’t likely in 2016… maybe in a few years to come”. In December, KPMG launched a new fintech challenge in cooperation with Matchi that invited biometric startup entries on access control systems.