Lauretta AI to provide analytics tech in support of TSA airport screening

The Department of Homeland Security has awarded $199,950 to Lauretta AI for a video analytics technology that would reduce physical human interactions as Transportation Security Administration (TSA) personnel conduct airport security checks amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

DHS has said the Massachusetts-based start-up will further develop its existing technology to help airports verify if passenger screening processes are moving properly while still maintaining social distancing. Lauretta AI received the phase one award through the Silicon Valley Innovation Program of DHS’ Science and Technology Directorate. DHS sought the project through the COVID-19 Response and Future Mitigation solicitation.

The technology is designed to tag passengers with a unique identifier that will only stay active across the screening process. The approach aims to eliminate the need for biometric data. S&T wants to create a self-service screening approach with the technology, which would also integrate with software for automated baggage and body scanning.

“This project is pushing DHS S&T and TSA closer toward realizing our goal to enable passenger self-screening, reduce operator cognitive load, and maintain TSA’s high screening standards, while providing an innovative and convenient experience for airline passengers,” said John Fortune, manager of Screening at Speed Program at S&T.