Perth Airport upgrades its passenger screening facilities

Perth Airport is to significantly upgrade its passenger screening infrastructure across all four terminals. The upgrade is part of the Australian Government’s mandate to further strengthen Australia’s domestic and international aviation security.

The upgrades include new body scanners, walk-through metal detectors, an x-ray machine, explosive trace detection systems and secondary viewing stations with explosive trace detectors.

“The new state of the art equipment has been designed to enhance airport security by improving the efficiency of the screening process and detection levels,” says Perth Airport CEO Kevin Brown.

Another significant improvement will be the introduction of CT scanners for all international and domestic carry-on baggage, eliminating the need to remove computers and aerosols from bags for the screening process.

The new CT-x-ray machine will use 3D technology to ease the detection of suspect goods in passengers’ carry-on bags. “Most travellers these days have a laptop or tablet device which they must remove from their luggage for screening. Many travellers also carry aerosol cans such as shaving foam which must also be scanned separately,” Mr Brown said.
“The new system will allow passengers to leave these items in their hand luggage, making for a more streamlined process and less hassle for passengers.”