Team Tenon’s memorable offsite at Tashkent

Team Tenon of 75+ leaders from across functionality and business went to the historical city of Tashkent for their 2nd International Offsite – Manthan 2018. The 4 day trip was a combination of strategic Manthan and relaxed deliberations.
For Team Tenon it was a perfect mix of work and indulgence. The Team painted the landscape from India to Tashkent in the hues of Tenon. The departure lounge of Terminal 3 at the Delhi International Airport was resplendent with the Tenon purple. The excitement and the energy of Tenon was palpable across the airport. The blue skies of Tashkent were introduced to the teal of Tenon.

A two day strategy meet was followed by two days of sightseeing. Tashkent, the city of stone, was an apt location for Tenon Manthan 2018. The journey of Tashkent over the centuries reflects its resilience and tenacity to emerge and define its significance, both historically and culturally. It’s a place to reckon with not only on the map of Central Asia but also on the global landscape.
Experiencing the history and culture of Tashkent was not just a visual delight but also a cerebral one. The visit to the Lal Bahadur Shastri statue on the Lal Bahadur Street was an emotional moment for every Tenonite. The team also cleaned up the statue and area around it. The Team came back charged and ready to deliver and go beyond.