Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences to use CCTV Cameras, more guards to screen people

The Karnataka Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS), Hubli, plans to strengthen security in and around the hospital premises by deploying more security guards and installing more CCTV cameras.  Attacks and assaults on doctors by the public have forced KIMS authorities to strengthen security measures. CCTV cameras will be installed at all strategic points in the hospital to keep an eye on visitors and others who try to create trouble for doctors. Two recent incidents of assault and abuse pushed the authorities to install six CCTV cameras, and now the number will go up to 70.

Doctors are reportedly feeling insecure working in the hospital due to assaults by relatives of patients, usually on charges of negligence. According to sources, KIMS authorities requested the police department to deploy policemen at the entrance of the hospital to control the entry of too many people along with patients, except attendants with official entry passes. The police department has already upped the strength of their men at the gate.

The hospital authorities are also training medical staff, including junior doctors and support staff, on handling crises. They will be trained on how to speak to people during major incidents and to address huge gatherings to convince them to keep calm. The authorities also requested nursing colleges to depute more support staff at night, to ease the treatment process during emergency situations, sources added.

Over the past few months, the hospital has seen two incidents where angry %relatives have tried to assault %on-duty doctors. “We have made a strong appeal to KIMS authorities to strengthen security for doctors at the hospital,” said the doctor. Dr Dattatraya D Bant, KIMS director, said on the recommendation of junior doctors, six CCTV cameras have been installed at appropriate points in paediatric department, casualty and near the labour room. More CCTV cameras will be installed and tenders will soon be floated.

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