Kerala police begin discreet hunt for hidden cameras

In the wake of the Goa FabIndia CCTV camera incident, Kochi police has launched a discreet operation to scout for hidden cameras in shops across the city. The operation is being carried out without the knowledge of the shop owners and their employees.

The search team mostly comprising of shadow police officials, approach the shops in the guise of giving advice on installation of CCTV cameras. They, however, use this ploy to check the trial rooms and the bathrooms for spy cameras.

According to a top official with the Kochi city police, a directive had been issued by the police to all traders to install CCTV cameras in their shops or institutions to prevent theft. Police officials had to visit these shops to check the functioning and placement of the CCTV security cameras.

“After the Goa FabIndia incident, our officials who visited the shops to give directions to traders also checked the changing rooms and all the other possible places where it is possible to place hidden cameras. A large number of shops have been checked over the last couple of days in a similar manner. Inspections are still being carried out even without the knowledge of the owners and the employees,” police officials said. Deputy Commissioner of Police Harishankar said that in many other cities raids are being carried out to apprehend such cameras. However, carrying out inspections discreetly will be more effective than normal raids. The checking would be intensified in the coming days, he said.

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