Latest security devices have brought down infiltration: BSF chief

Director General of Border Security Force, KK Sharma, has said that terrorists are operating a training centre and launching pad across the Jammu-Kashmir border adjacent to Pakistan. Hundreds of terrorists are now trying to infiltrate into India but they will not be successful as BSF and all agencies are fully alert.
Apart from monitoring with the state-of-the-art equipment, the pilot project has been started to seal the border. On the question of terrorist attacks on Army camps, he said that the aim of the terrorists is to kill the army and the paramilitary forces and after that to die themselves. They have no fear, but the soldiers have the responsibility to defend themselves and take care of the security of their comrades and the country. “I am proud that our soldiers are in a very strong position and this has become clear from the terror attacks in the past.”

Sharma said that the entire BSF is being fully modernised and strengthened. He said that Rajasthan border adjacent to Pakistan is much safer than Jammu and Kashmir and Punjab borders. Right now, the threat of terrorists is low. He said that the Comprehensive Integrated Border Management System (CIBMS) is proving to be very effective on the border of Punjab and Jammu-Kashmir border adjacent to Pakistan and now Rajasthan border will also be equipped with this system. A pilot project is currently underway in Jammu and Kashmir. The state-of-the-art equipment like infrared alarms and thermal imagers capture the picture of an intruder as soon as he comes near the fence. Not only this, soldiers also get alerts by the alarm system

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