Mandatory CCTV in all buildings: Dubai police

Security surveillance will have to be compulsorily installed in all Dubai buildings, according to Dubai Police. According to Dubai Police, owners of buildings, residential and offices, will have to comply with this new rule. The CCTV cameras and security systems to be installed have to be in accordance with specifications set by Dubai Police. Major Arif Al Janahi, Director, Protection Systems Department, Dubai Police said: “Landlords of 25,000 buildings still have to install surveillance cameras and security system in their buildings. He added that fines will be imposed on those not complying.

Major Al Janahi stated that this action comes under Act No 10 of 2014 and amendments to provisions of Law No 24 of 2008 on service providers and security regulations. He emphasised that several meetings have been held with owners and real estate companies where they were informed of all details with the explanation of all required specifications. He said landlords can use one of 650 companies registered by Dubai Police to install the requirements.

Explaining some of the specifications Major Al Janahi said the CCTV cameras, according to the law, should be stable, fixed and must have clear vision. He added that they must be installed at all entrances to the facility where the picture of a person entering can be clearly seen. Also, surveillance cameras are to be fixed at all emergency exits and that lead in and out of the facility. Lobby areas and on sections leading to the elevators are also to be covered by camera. Reception areas, entrances to health clubs, parking entrances and exits are also to be CCTVed – the latter requiring the number plates of cars to be clearly visible.

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