No personnel in civvies can display arms in Karachi

The Sindh Assembly in Pakistan has informed that only uniformed law enforcers, including police and Rangers, would be allowed to display weapons. Giving a policy statement on the floor of the house, he said that no official of any law enforcement agency without uniform would be allowed to display weapons. “If a person is found to be involved in the display of weapons, he will face the law,” he warned.

He said that even guards of private security agencies in plain clothes would not be allowed to display weapons and they must be in uniform when they open carry firearms. He made it clear that no one would be spared in the campaign no matter how influential they are. “No concession will be given to government ministers, advisers, members of assemblies and opposition party members,” he declared.

The minister also asked the media to support the government in this campaign and if anyone displayed weapons anywhere, he/ they should be pointed out. He said that the provincial government had decided to launch a massive action against vehicles plying unlawfully after one week.

Mr Memon said that Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah chaired a meeting in which it was decided that those vehicles playing with ‘applied for registration’ (AFR) number plates, fake number plates, tinted glasses and on open letters would be confiscated after Feb 28.

“Owners of such vehicles have been given a week’s time and after that all such vehicles will be confiscated,” he added. “No showroom owner has authority to sell any unregistered vehicle. Whoever sells an unregistered vehicle and if such vehicle is used in any crime, the showroom owner will also be held liable for facilitating in the crime.”