Parliament House security asked to ‘improve their manners’

With women’s security a major issue in the country, a circular issued by the director of Parliament security has come as a major embarrassment for the institution’s security staff who have been asked to improve their manners while on duty, especially towards women. Parliament Security Staff officials are in a “shock” over the order and are expressing their disagreement through counter-letters.
The circular issued by director of security, Parliament, R.C. Baijwan has urged the security staff to be “polite, decent and tactful.”

“Some instances have been reported that our officers while performing duties at access control points have displayed unpleasant situation with their rude, adamant and arrogant behaviour, including undesired gestures especially towards ladies which reflects bad image of PSS,” stated the circular, adding, “It has been viewed very seriously.” The circular adds: “Similarly, a close liaison cooperation & coordination is also required for immediate dissemination of information of importance. It is reiterated that while officers are expected to be firm on their points, at the same time politeness, decency and tactfulness are also expected.”

Highly-placed sources in Parliament said that the officials of Parliament Security Staff are unhappy over the circular and claim that it has raised questions on the behaviour of entire staff. A few security officials have written to the headquarters expressing their dissatisfaction. The Parliament Security Staff is a dedicated cadre for institution’s security. It is responsible for internal security of the Parliament Complex, including all VVIPs like members of Parliament and other visitors. Even during a session, it is the PSS personnel who guard both the Houses.

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