Police have no records of CCTV cameras in Gurgaon

Gurgaon may be home to scores of MNCs and have a 3,000-strong police force, but the city police have no records as far as CCTV cameras in the city are concerned, an RTI application filed by city-based activist Aseem Takiyar has revealed. In its response to the RTI that asked whether the city police had ‘taken any action to issue directions to all BPOs, call centres and other units, which employ women employees, to install CCTV cameras in and around their units and offices’, the authorities replied that CCTV cameras had been installed in BPOs and call centres that are checked from time to time.

However, the police have no record of these ‘directions’ that were issued to these entities, revealed the RTI. The RTI also revealed that the Gurgaon police does not have any record of the establishments that have still not installed CCTV cameras on their premises. “Yes, it is true that we do not have any records of women employees working in the jurisdiction of Gurgaon police. A survey of this nature has never been carried out in the past too. Also, in the past six months, we have not issued any directions to the companies in Gurgaon to install CCTV cameras, especially if they have women employees. Any direction given before that will have to be checked,” Assistant Commissioner of Police (Crime) Rajesh Kumar said.

The city police also have no records of the ‘list of those establishments, units, factories, offices, which employs number of ‘women employees’ and ‘the number of women employees working within the jurisdiction of Gurgaon police, revealed the RTI. Earlier this month, the city police asked the Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon to install 367 CCTV cameras in 109 locations in the city to check crimes against women and monitor traffic.

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