Railways set to have world-class security apparatus

The Government is going all out to make the Indian Railways world-class not only in infrastructure, faster trains, more connectivity and increase in number of trains but also in adapting world-class security systems at railway stations.

Talking about safety measures going to be initiated in the railways, a senior railways official said, “Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is going to be used at major railway stations in India on the lines of foreign countries.”

“With this technology coming into effect, it will be difficult for notorious criminals, terrorists and other offenders to escape even from railway stations.” he said, adding that this technology is going to be installed at some major railway stations of the country very soon.
According to the railway official, for now this technology will be installed in some of the major railway stations of the country, including railway stations situated in the national capital, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra and some of the railway stations situated in southern India.

According to railway sources, the AI technology has already been tested at some major stations in Karnataka and UP, which has proved to be a successful venture. This technology will not only bring down the criminal activities at the railway stations but will also help in catching the notorious criminals, terrorists and other offenders.

According to a railway police force (RPF) official, facial recognition software which is an important part of the Artificial Intelligence technology and which is being used at the airports to detect criminals is soon going to be an integral part at the railway stations too. This software is equipped with technology which can read a human face.

It is being stated that with this technology coming into effect, if a criminal or terrorist enters the station, an indication with alarm will be sent to security personnel deployed at the that particular station.

This whole phenomenon will be supported by the data which will have all the records of notorious criminals and terrorists and will work with the help of CCTV cameras and network.
If reports are to be believed, apart from the main gate, this technique will also be installed at the waiting room, reservation counter, parking area, platform and Foot Bridge.

It is being stated that four types of cameras are going to be installed to make this technology properly effective, including bullet type cameras, zoom time cameras and ultra HD type cameras. The added USP of this technology is that it works even in darkness and with people wearing masks. In addition to RPF and GRP, the horoscope of criminals will be sought from Delhi Police with their photos

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