Recludo solution takes hotel industry to new heights

According to Recludo, the company’s latest biometric fingerprint access system allows the world of hotel guest room access to take a giant leap into the 21st century. The system introduces a host of features, thought to have never before been introduced to the hotel industry. Recludo’s unique time-controlled fingerprint access system lets you unlock any door with the tip of your finger. There’s no need for apps, mobile devices or key cards. The solution is cost-effective and at the cutting edge of security technology. With the time-controlled fingerprint access system, the fingerprint is stored locally in the lock and only for the duration of the stay. After this, the memory is automatically erased.

The solution is built-in to the lock – it is completely stand-alone with no wires, no network and no connection to a central computer hence incurring minimum operating costs. Recludo’s access system is simple and elegant and taps into a huge trend towards self-service where consumers scan their own groceries, check in themselves at the airport, manage their banking on the internet and generally shape many of their own service experiences. Many hotels like to offer their most valued guests express check-in or even the convenience of going directly to their room upon arrival. Therefore, an added advantage of the Recludo lock is that guests can by-pass the front desk and go directly to the room which is accessed with a code sent to the guest during the booking process.

Recludo’s 3-in-1 lock is designed to incorporate the best of all access systems. In addition to the company’s patented biometric fingerprint access system, they have also included an option for Pin code or RFID access. Hence, hotels can offer their guests the high security time-controlled fingerprint access, or the familiar Pin code or RFID card system. This multi-choice system allows the hotel to offer their guests a product they already know whilst getting them used to the biometric fingerprint access system.


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