Security guards in South Africa to be paid revised wages

The new prescribed minimum wages for private security have kicked-in from 1 October 2018, the Department of Labour in South Africa has announced. The current prescribed minimum wages in the sector expired on 31 August 2018, however, the new rates were delayed due to a pending collective agreement. Workers in the Private Security Industry are demanding a minimum wage of R7,500 and are threatening a strike if their wish is not granted.

According to the department, some of the matters raised by workers in the Private Sector were: continued payment of “pittance wages”, non-existence of Provident Fund benefits, the insourcing of security services and elimination of middlemen, and the employment of illegal foreigners.

The workers also called for amendments of conditions of employment, demanding an increase in leave days, an end to intimidation of workers wanting to join trade unions, adherence to health and safety issues, and a review of night shift allowance. Although the sector recently registered at the Bargaining Council they have not concluded a collective agreement, the department said, adding that the current sectoral determination will still be enforced.

According to the department, the current minimum wage increases for all other categories (e.g. clerical staff, artisans, control centre operators, drivers, general workers etc.) of employees including Grade A and B security officers, have been determined by utilizing the consumer price index (CPI) plus 1% as stated in the Sectoral Determination which totals to 6.4%.

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