Security Today Knowledge Summit 2017, emphasises need to balance technology and manpower

The Security Today Knowledge Summit 2017 , a premier conference of the private security industry, this year sought to find a solution to the raging debate on just how much security technology is needed when compared to manpower security to ensure a secure nation. A large gathering of security professionals gathered at the Sheraton Hotel, Saket, New Delhi, on November 8, 2017, day one of the two day event, to discuss and share knowledge on the various issues that plague national security and recommend solutions to it.

In his keynote address, former Union Home Secretary, Mr GK Pillai stressed upon the need for the private security industry to be vocal if any government action on security was deemed faulty and needed corrections. Mr Pillai said it was the industry’s duty to get involved and offer solutions to security related problems since they were privy to more security technology than the government.

A wide range of issues were discussed during the day long session including topics like “Dangers of Insider Threats”; “How collaborations can lead to good security”. These topics, with the active involvement of a large audience, were addressed at length to seek solutions.

Mr Pravin Swami, Editor ( Strategic and International Affairs) Indian Express, also traced the genesis of self radicalised jehadis and the dangers emanating from the increase in their numbers. Mr Swamy counted these persons among the most dangerous aspects of modern terrorism because they are more difficult to track.

In his inimitable style, Capt.Raghu Raman, former NATGRID head and currently President (Security and Risk), Reliance Industries, emphasised how first responders to an act of crime needed to change. Putting his oratory skills to their best use Capt. Raman held the audience spellbound with his analysis that there is too much emphasis on Capex and not enough on Opex, and that the emphasis on education/awareness os security issues is overrated.

The focus of the Security Today Knowledge Summit shifted on day 2 to performing an Integrated Crisis Response and Management Exercise where the invited audience, comprising security heads of leading multinationals as well as the representatives from Gurgaon Police were involved in a simulated exercise. Such an exercise has possibly never been attempted before. Former Delhi fire chief, Mr. SK Dheri was invited to give his inputs to the scenario of a terror attack which included a bomb explosion.

The audience were given a scenario where terrorists have attacked a building in cyber city with an insider involvement, and they were asked to spell out the steps they would take to safeguard the employees of the various tenant companies in that building. The proposed steps as well as the steps Gurgaon police said they would take, may well form a standard operating procedure for corporate houses to adopt to guard against such happenings.

The Security Today Knowledge Summit aims largely at enhancing the awareness and education levels of security professionals on the changing face of security in the world today. “The Summit’s attempt to provide a common platform for security professionals to share their visions have over the years been extremely helpful in enhancing security knowledge which will eventually contribute to a safe and secure nation” said Mr GB Singh, group Editor of the Security Today group, which publishes the Security Today and Security Update magazines and is also involved in training security professionals in the latest security technologies.

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