Smart home market on the up

According to a recently published IHS report, entitled, Smart Home Energy Management Devices Report – 2015, the global market for demand response-enabled Smart Home Energy Management devices will grow to US$4 billion by 2025.

As energy-efficiency mandates and the need to update infrastructure drive interest in smart meters and other smart grid solutions, opportunities are also growing worldwide for smart home energy management devices that connect to the smart meter. To this end, IHS has recently published a deep-dive report looking at the market for these devices on a global scale, examining more than 20 individual countries and regions.

Each country’s potential market for smart home energy-management devices is different, based on that particular country’s energy profile and infrastructure, government mandates, and citizen attitudes toward energy efficiency and smart home technology alike. Among smart home energy-management devices, in-home displays (IHDs) are projected to have the highest installed base and unit shipments globally from 2011 to 2025, largely because of the UK government mandate to install IHDs with smart meters.

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