Tenon FM decodes the interdependence of FMS & Real-estate at IRECMS, Bangalore

Tenon FM, one of India’s leading homegrown facility management companies illuminated the interdependent relationship of Facilities Management Services (FMS) and the real estate industry during the International Real Estate Community Management Summit (IRECMS) 2019 held in ITC Gardenia, Bangalore on 13th December.

According to Nitin Dave, the Managing Director, Tenon FM India, the real-estate sector is undergoing a major revival as the demand for gated communities and housing estates is on an increase. The overseas companies and investors are also capitalizing on the opportunities that the wave of urban development in India has to offer. The urban development and modernization of the residential/commercial spaces, however, necessitates the outsourcing of facilities management services as the in-house management may not suffice to handle the maintenance of large spaces economically.

During the panel discussion on “Gated Communities in India: Managing the Expectations”, Nitin said, “The professional facility management services give a competitive edge to a real-estate firm by managing and maintaining the property well. The FMS providers deploy their own manpower with quality machines and equipment, therefore, ruling out any need or additional costs for the real-estate managers. With infrastructure and property market rising at a pace, the FMS space with low-entry barriers is all set to welcome the new businesses.”

Recounting the humble start of the company which made it to the top, Nitin navigated the sharp growth trajectory of Tenon FM India and acknowledges the real-estate sector as one of the growth drivers. With an emphasis on the undeniable interdependence of Facility Management Services (FMS) and Real-estate, Tenon FM also participated in the 3rd Edition of CII Facilities Management Conclave 2019 organized at India Habitat Centre on 11th December. The Indian FM leader asserted the fact that facility management in collaboration with real-estate, in general, is becoming a strategic lever to drive organizational innovation & collaboration.

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