Thailand Security guards firms to be regulated

A bill to regulate the security guards sector is scheduled to be deliberated by the National Legislative Assembly in Thailand. The bill sets standard requirements for companies providing security services and qualifications for obtaining a permit to work as a security guard. The legislation also sets up a committee to oversee the security guards business. The committee will be chaired by the national police chief. Other ex-officio members of the committee  include the director-general of the Provincial Administration Department, director-general of the Labour Welfare and Protection Department, secretary-general of the Consumers Protection Board, director of the Office of the Judiciary, director of the Armed Forces Security Centre and director of the War Veterans Organisation of Thailand.

Under the legislation, a company offering security guard services must obtain an operating licence valid for four years which can be renewed. A security guard must have completed Mathayom 3 (Grade 9) education or higher. He or she must hold Thai nationality and must pass a course, to be designed by the Royal Thai Police Office, at an approved training centre.

A security guard will be required to obtain a licence to work which will be valid for three years, and extendable after an assessment of past performance. They must never have been given a jail term for physical or sexual assault, gambling or drugs.  All security guards on duty will be required to wear a uniform and insignia.
A provisional clause of the bill requires existing security services companies to apply for an operating licence within 120 days of the law taking effect, and existing security guards to apply for a licence within 90 days. According to RTPO data, there are 250,000 to 300,000 security guards throughout the country and 60%. of them finished only Prathom 6 education and 15% Mathayom 3, with 15% having a higher level of high school education.

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