Delhi cops to get bugs from abroad to snoop on crooks

Delhi Police is set to procure snooping devices to track the movement of criminals. The move comes in the wake of a rising trend among organized gangs of avoiding the use of mobile phones before or after a crime. An overseas firm is likely to supply these devices to Delhi Police. The gadgets will be useful for cops during a real-time chase or a surveillance operation to nab a suspect.

The set-up will include a tracking system, which will provide the cops with the precise location of a vehicle used by the suspect. It’s a small and easy-to-install tracking device, which will be attached to the suspect’s vehicle or his baggage.

There will be a central monitoring system and a mobile command centre for on-the-field monitoring. The command centre will have a detailed digital map and a standard communication server or a high-end laptop that would allow the system’s operator to manage the tracking mission by monitoring the location of the tracking units.  The mobile centre will comprise an Android OS-based tablet/smartphone, which will act like a monitoring station in remote locations.

The system can collect real-time location data from the tracking device based on its GPS location. It will display the real-time location of the various tracking devices and thus the location of the target vehicle will be visible on a coloured digital map. The tracking system will store the displayed locations of the target vehicles over a given period of time and should be able to subsequently retrieve and display the same so as to provide details of the movement patterns of the target vehicle.

There will be another system which will alert the operator if the device on the target vehicle is tampered with or shifted to another place. It will also have a geo-fence alarm, which alerts the operator whenever the unit goes in or out of a defined geographical area.  It will have shock sensors and motion and halt alarms, which will alert the operator whenever the vehicle starts to move or stops moving. The device will also warn the operator whenever the vehicle remains parked for a specified period of time or is over-speeding.

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