Tihar inmates to wear tracking device on ankle

Inmates of Tihar Jail may soon be spotted wearing ankle bands for security reasons. Following the recent jailbreak, minister Satyendar Jain is considering stepping up vigil in the jail complex. The ankle bracelets will allow jail officials to track movements of inmates inside the complex and hopefully prevent another escape bid.

“We are also looking at strengthening the walls inside the jail and have asked experts to identify points within the complex where security needs to be beefed up. Once inmates are given ankle bracelets, a perimeter will be fixed and the electronic bracelet will sound an alarm if an inmates ventures outside it,” said Jain.

The minister added that, in an overcrowded jail like Tihar, the devices would help keep track of inmates. No one knows till when Mandoli Jail would be in a position to accept prisoners. “Till that time, this high-tech device would be of great help to keep an eye on inmates,” said Jain.

The idea comes weeks after the two inmates had escaped from the high-security walls, giving a hard time to jail authorities and police. The device would report the location of the inmate and also provide other important information to the control room. It will alert the jail authorities immediately with an alarm if any inmate attempts to escape from the jail.

The device will send an alarm to the control room each time an inmate tries to move outside the jail perimeters. It will also track the inmates’ location if they escape to a distant place. It would also send an alert message to the control room if the inmates try to tamper with it. Even if they just try to remove it or cut the circuit an alert will be sent to the control room so that the authorities can act well in time.

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