Turn your old cellphone into a home security system

More than 10 million people have purchased the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus since they went on sale. But before you toss out that old smartphone, you should consider turning it into a home surveillance system. You just need to download an app like At Home Camera. You can off the cell features and turn on your home’s WiFi system.

“That app is going to give you a very specific CID number that’s unique to the camera,” Jenifer Schultz of Cell Phone Repair CPR.

Keep the number, download the app on your new phone and then use that CID number again. “Once you connect that old phone that you’re using now as a camera then all you have to do is put that information in an app that links it to the old phone,” Schultz explained. “It’s free. It costs nothing. And all you need is a WiFi connection and make sure the phone is charged.”
Here are the directions to follow for turning your old smartphone into a security camera:
• Using your old iPhone turn off the cellular features and get to where the phone runs off your home WiFi only.
• Download the “At Home Camera” to your old phone first.
• Make sure you remember your CID number after you’ve signed in as a new user and created a password.
• Download the “At Home Camera” on your new phone, you will also be prompted to use “At Home Streaming” still FREE and download.
• Type in the CID number as you login as a user who is already connected through your old phone.
• Put the phone in whatever room you want but make sure it can charge.

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