Vivotek and Genetec form strategic partnership

Vivotek has forged a strategic cooperation with Genetec, Inc., in that the Vivotek cameras have now been engineered to support Stratocast, Genetec’s cloud-based video surveillance service, and will also be providing support for the company’s H.265 cameras in Genetec Security Center.

Through this strategic partnership, Vivotek will become the first network camera manufacturer to integrate its devices for Stratocast by leveraging the recently released Genetec Cloud Link protocol. Stratocast enables customers to rapidly deploy a reliable and easy-to-use video surveillance system that avoids the complexity of managing on-premises hardware by securely recording video in the cloud. Small-and-medium sized businesses (SMBs) can take advantage of Vivotek cameras and Stratocast to deploy a highly affordable and convenient cloud-based video surveillance system that they can access from any internet-enabled device. With the integration expected to become available in summer 2015, Vivotek will also develop a “Stratocast VADP package” for Vivotek IP cameras through the open platform system Vivotek Application Development Platform (VADP) to ensure a rapid and seamless system setup.

As demand for higher resolution and clearer video quality grows, H.265, the high efficiency video codec technology, continues to drive market interest. Today, H.264, the predecessor of H.265, is the accepted standard codec used by most security manufacturers. With the release of new H.265-compatible equipment, end-users will be able to benefit from reduced bandwidth through greater video compression. Acutely aware of these advances, Vivotek has allocated considerable R&D resources into equipping its network cameras with H.265 over the past year.

Vivotek is working in collaboration with Genetec to develop integration for its H.265 cameras to ensure performance and compatibility in Genetec Security Center. By adopting H.265, Vivotek and Genetec end-users can enjoy a lower total cost of ownership due to the high image compression rate and low storage consumption.

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