WD chairman retires

Western Digital Corp. Chairman Tom Pardun, 71, will retire after 22 years of service on its board of directors, in compliance with the company’s mandatory retirement-age policy for directors. Matthew Massengill, 54, a former chairman, president and chief executive officer of the company and a director since 2000, has been appointed to succeed Pardun as Chairman. Len Lauer, 58, chairman and chief executive officer of Memjet and a Western Digital director since 2010, was named lead independent director of the WDC board. The changes will become effective at the company’s next annual meeting of shareholders in November 2015.

Pardun joined the Western Digital board in 1993 when the company’s revenues stood at $938 million. He served two terms as chairman for a total of 10 years and as lead independent director for the six years between his terms as chairman.

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