Aeroporti di Roma launches new service to ease airport security

Aeroporti di Roma is introducing QPass, a service designed to allow passengers to better plan their journey and enjoy a more comfortable experience at the security checkpoint.
QPass is a free service that allows passengers to book an appointment at security checkpoints to benefit from a dedicated entrance and route.

Passengers can make the reservation from the comfort of their own home or at the airport, up to seven days before their flight, via the website on the booking page.

Passengers will be able to choose from the available appointment times for their flight and book the one that best suits their needs. Once the booking is complete, they will receive a QR code and a confirmation e-mail with the terminal and appointment time information.
Upon arriving at the booking time at the QPass entrance to the security checkpoint, passengers simply show their QR code to gain access to the dedicated entrance and queue for a quick and easy security check.

Fiumicino is the first airport in Italy to offer this service, operating at both Terminal 1 and Terminal 3. QPass is completely free of charge and is in addition to the other types of security check access, such as the premium Fast Track service, the Family line (dedicated to families with prams) and the ‘traditional’ security checkpoints.

“Attention to the comfort of our passengers is central to our business vision, as is the improvement of services offered and quality at the airport,” commented Ivan Bassato, Aeroporti di Roma Chief Aviation Officer.

“Through this system, passengers can organise their time in advance before their flight, easily pass through security checks, and thus have more time for themselves, e.g. to go shopping or have something to eat, before boarding. That is why it is the passengers themselves who choose the time window from those available for the booked access service, thus being able to manage their own needs in a practical and efficient way.”