Barco introduces rugged desktop-over-IP solution for enhanced collaboration and better decision-making in mission-critical environments

Visualization specialist Barco has introduced its Nexxis Rugged Network Adapters (RNA) as the first component of the new Nexxis Rugged Series for real-time remote desktop distribution, collaboration and recording over IP networks. Enabling high-quality imaging with ultra-low latency and real-time interaction between users and remote computers, Nexxis provides the performance, reliability, and security required for defense applications.

Barco’s RNA adapters provide a MIL-STD qualified module for encoding and decoding desktop contents (DVI, audio, USB) using open standard IP streaming. The encoders/decoders have been specifically designed for use in mission-critical environments, featuring advanced failover and built-in monitoring mechanisms to ensure continuous system availability.

Command and control operations for mission-critical C4ISR systems can now connect multiple users to multiple local or remote computers without dedicated video switches and without sacrificing image quality or real-time interactive performance.

Information can be shared simultaneously with local users or with remote facilities, without impacting local system operation and without any dependency on the software configuration of the various systems involved.

“With the rise of multi-mission operations and new technological approaches, the number of information sources and platforms is growing rapidly, which often results in information overload and high operator workload,” comments Steven Luys, VP Strategic marketing Defense & Aerospace. “Barco’s Nexxis RNA adapters help ensure a flexible environment, enabling smarter visualization for better communication and decision-making in mission-critical environments.”

The RNA adapters are highly flexible and can be configured as a decoder, encoder, or both. They support uncompressed streaming over the IP network with pixel-perfect fidelity and near-zero latency, enabling real-time interaction with remote servers and configurable compositing of multiple high-resolution sources on the same display. The RNA adapters also allow distribution of data to lower bandwidth networks to facilitate recording and remote consultations.

Barco’s Nexxis RNA adapters are qualified against MIL-STD specifications. In addition, they feature an advanced failover architecture and built-in monitoring mechanisms to ensure high system availability – which is a major requirement in mission-critical applications.

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