MAXIMUS introduces 24 & 36 Channel DVRs in India

MAXIMUS, a Hong Kong based provider of world class integrated security solutions, has launched, in India, professional full CIF Real time Digital Video Recorders models MD-244-K and MD-324-K that come in 24 and 32 channels supporting 2 SATA hard disks each. Both the new DVRs are based on H.264 compression technology, providing users smooth remote viewing experience in low bandwidth networks while simultaneously preserving a high quality recording in the DVR hard disk.

The new MAXIMUS DVRs are able to record high quality CIF video in real time across all channels and can support various operations at the same time, multi channels real time recording, playback, network remote operation and USB backup and offer RS-485 telemetry control that provides users with the option to remotely view live or recorded video over the internet via a web browser or a smart phone.

These models can provide crystal clear video output to both HDMI and VGA monitors. Users can easily operate the DVRs using a USB mouse or via the front panel buttons and remote control, and can easily configure the DVR settings through the on-screen display (OSD) using a mouse or through the web interface.

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