Compro’s IP90 day/night indoor fixed cube network camera

Meet Compro IP90 Day & Night network camera, a 24/7 home monitoring solution that will give you one less thing to worry about. Because life is short, and it’s a terrible waste of time to worry about your home while you are at work or on vacation. Compro Technology, founded in 1988, a digital audio/video and IP security manufacturer, recently launched the Compro IP90 Day/Night Indoor fixed Cube network camera with its clear and sharp video quality can help put your mind at ease. Installation and remote viewing setup on IP90 are as simple as 1-2-3. For all that , Compro IP90 is also endowed with a slew of professional surveillance features, including superb night vision, motion detection, alarm and sensor control, bi-directional audio, etc., all of which make the camera an ideal choice for securing homes, offices, shops, or restaurants.

The 2 megapixel/HD resolution the camera offers lets you view details and identify people and objects at least four times better than on a conventional CCTV camera. The maximum 1600 by 1200 resolution allows you to capture video from a wide area, and effectively reduces the number of cameras required in a surveillance network. The camera is equipped with 6 IR LEDs and an ambient light sensor that detects environmental lighting conditions. When low-light conditions are detected, the built-in IR LEDs are automatically switched on to provide additional infrared light that helps deliver clear night-time image. A built-in mechanical IR-cut filter placed in front of the camera’s image sensor can filter out infrared light in the daytime, producing better color reproduction. At nighttime or when the camera’s light sensor detects low-light conditions, IR-cut filter can be automatically removed to allow infrared light to reach the image sensor, thus achieving better low-light sensitivity.

Infrared light and visible light have different wavelength and therefore focus at a different point after passing through an ordinary lens, resulting in out-of-focus image. This camera has an IR-corrected lens which can correct the focal point difference and make both infrared light and visible light focus on the same point. As a result, the camera is able to deliver clear, sharp images in various lighting environments.

Compro Technologies

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