Elpas’ Man-Down Emergency Call Transmitter, an active RIFD tag

Elpas, part of Tyco Security Products and a recognised global provider of RTLS Safety, Security and Visibility Solutions, has announced the availability of its new Man-Down Emergency Call Transmitter. The Man-Down Emergency Call Transmitter is a holster-worn Active RFID Tag which delivers wireless monitoring and tracking of lone workers, prison guards and security personnel who may be subject to attack or injury in high-risk workplace environments. The transmitter combines RF/IR/LF indoor RTLS technologies in a cost-effective, field-proven mechanical design to deliver precise real-time location data that identifies the individual in trouble and the location of the evolving security incident. The transmitter includes two emergency call buttons on either side of the unit for manual wireless duress alerting. An onboard tilt switch and a pull cord enable automatic alarming when the protected staff member is knocked down or if the unit is grabbed by force.

“The Man-Down Emergency Call Transmitter brings innovation to High Risk Personnel protection by combining man-down duress signaling with precise real-time building location awareness which can be integrated with security systems for faster and more effective response efforts,” said Elpas General Manager Michael Wasserstein. “And for traditional Guard Tour Management, the transmitter not only provides wireless duress alerting, but also enables automatic verification of guard movement without key or swipe card devices.” The Man-Down Emergency Call Transmitter is part of the growing portfolio of Elpas application specific Active RFID Tags designed to meet the safety security and visibility needs of the Healthcare, Government, Commercial, Institutional and Industrial sectors.

Tyco Security Products

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