G4S sign Tangier Med Port security agreement

G4S-sign-Tangier-Med-Port-security-agreementG4S has been awarded a £10 million three-year contract to provide security services at the Tangier Port in Morocco. The global firm penned the deal with the Tangier Med Port Authority and Tangier Med Special Agency to boost the protection of people and assets travelling through the busy port. Under the terms of the deal, G4S will provide a broad range of specialist services, with a key focus on the screening of passengers and freight. The Tangier Med Port is located around 40km east of Tangier, Morocco, and around five million containers, six million passengers and 500,000 trucks pass through the site annually.

David Fairnie, director of Global Ports Solutions at G4S, said the firm’s “unequalled experience” in securing ports around the globe means they can address and optimise security operations at Tangier Port through driving down complexity and costs.

“We are well-positioned to offer our clients a bespoke solution that is developed through a broad understanding of global trends and innovations,” he said.

“We are well-versed in operating in large complex environments and are looking forward to working with the Tangier Port team to deliver services fitting of one of the most progressive ports in the world.” Mohamed Maghazi, Quality, Health, Safety, Security, and Environment manager at Tangier Port, added the diverse range of potential incidents means the skills and expertise of staff is of “paramount important” and the implementation of G4S’ security plan will be a real boost.

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