Lilin launches 3MP HD IP box camera

Complimenting the already established Imegapro series, Merit Lilin has recently released their feature-rich and award-winning 3MP HD IP box camera, IPG1032ESX.

The IPG1032ESX features Lilin’s ‘Sense Up+’ unique technology that delivers stunning video in low-light conditions. Utilising intelligent image signal processing, AGC control, & 3D noise reduction, the combination successfully delivers the ultimate low-light image without motion blur.

Pair the IPG1032ESX with their NVR Touch for a HD IP system designed to provide the ultimate user experience. With a built-in installation wizard, setting up an IP surveillance system becomes much easier. Lilin’s ‘WS Discovery’ software tool will locate all IP cameras on the network and generate a snapshot image of each channel, helping with identification and speeding up operation.

Every Lilin IP camera is shipped with free CMX central management software that offers a range of functions, including EPOS connectivity and database searching. The software enables users to view, record, and manage up to 36 channels of video completely free, without any hidden license fees.

The IPG1032ESX is also ONVIF-compatible. Staking claim to being the first IP manufacturer in the world to introduce ONVIF-compliant products, Lilin has since continued to support the protocol. In fact, according to the company, every IP camera they produce complies. Their line of products also work in conjunction with many of the leading VMS platforms across the globe.

Merit Lilin

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