MOBOTIX launch intelligent easy-to-install S14/S15 mounts

MOBOTIX AG has launched a complete new series of installation mounts to be used for the S14/S15 Product Platform. The launch includes the S14/S15 SurroundMount, DualMount, HaloMount and SpeakerMount. With the new mounts, the users get easy-to-install solutions that create completely new application scenarios for S14/S15 platform.

As a result from market wishes, MOBOTIX now launched a series of several intelligent mounting options for their S14/S15 Product Platform. There is already an extensive mounting offering today but the four new mounts expand the amount of mounting possibilities enormously and into wished customer application needs.

The S14/S15 SurroundMount is mounted in the ceiling of for instance corridors, buses, trains and other areas, which require an overall overview in long and narrow areas without any blind spots. The user simply attaches the mount at the desired location and then screws the S14/S15 sensor modules into the SurroundMount. This enables mounting of cameras in two separate directions without any blind spots! An operation done within minutes.

As the S14/S15 platform is extremely flexible, it allows the users to choose from different lens alternatives. The DualMount enables sensor modules to be mounted side-by-side in one direction for different applications and needs such as for instance; day-night and various focal lengths allowing users to have round the clock overview and desired image quality. This mount uses standard industry measurements and addresses the installation needs for walls and ceilings. The S14/S15 sensor module fits directly into the HaloMount and the mount is easily applied to the area by using the strong spring safety at the end of the mount. The result is a sleek and designer-friendly camera installation.

Part of the famous MOBOTIX decentralized system includes sound in all of their products. As two-way communication over cameras is becoming more and more important MOBOTIX also launched the SpeakerMount that is simply and elegantly connected to the S14/S15 and then ready to use. It uses the same mounting technology as the HaloMount, which minimizes the amount of time installing it and can be installed both on walls as well as in the ceiling.


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