National Security Guard to deploy women commandos to protect VVIPs

The National Security Guard (NSG) will soon deploy women commandos for the protection of VVIPs. Director-General (DG) of the elite commando force, Ramesh Chandra Tayal, announced the decision during the 31st Raising Day celebrations in Manesar. “We have been focusing on special training of women commandos since they were introduced in the elite force. The women commandos are equally capable to protect VVIPs like their male colleagues. The NSG has set the same criteria of rigorous commando training like men for them,” Tayal said.

NSG had introduced women commandos in its ranks in 2004 to take part in counter-terrorism and anti-hijacking operations. The NSG has been providing security to 15 dignitaries and has been making efforts to become more vigilant with the coordination of state and paramilitary forces. “We have introduced mobile command control system vehicle in our force and purchasing of high intensity protected vehicles is underway. Besides that we have developed highly modern suiting range in the Manesar campus to provide best training facilities not only to our force but also to others, who take part in joint exercises,” the director-general said. Though the NSG has been involved only in one real-time operation — Black Tornado in Mumbai in 2008 — since its inception, it has imparted lessons to local forces on how to minimise casualties.

The NSG has recently organised joint commando exercise namely Agni 1 with 10 state police and paramilitary forces in its Manesar campus. It has now decided to organise Agni 2 in November to improve skills in counter-terrorist operations and hijacking situations.

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