From the Editor’s Desk: October 2015

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The highlight of this month for SECURITY TODAY was the 25th Annual seminar of the International Institute of Security & Safety Management, a non- profit organization, which for 25 years has done its best to promote and spread awareness on security and safety issues in India. This has been done by way of seminars and education courses. The institute celebrated its silver jubilee with much fanfare in New Delhi, and the high point, apart from the conference agenda was the fact that five frontline ministers of the Modi Government had agreed to speak at the two day show, and three of them actually did. These included Sh. Rajnath Singh, the Union Home Minister of India, Sh. BandaruDattatreya – Minister of Labour and Employment, and Sh. Suresh Prabhu the Union Minister for Railways.

This unprecedented appearance of senior politicians at a private security industry function was a shot in the arm for the security industry. The high point being that all of them agreed that the private security industry was here to stay, and that it needed nurturing for it to grow into an auxiliary force that can buttress the law & order machinery for crime reduction.
If the ministers had come because they believed in this fact and genuinely wanted to help the PSI grow, then this indeed was a very encouraging sign for the industry. But, if they had come because of Sh. RK Sinha’s personal equation with them, who is the Executive Chairman of IISSM and now also a Member of Parliament from the RajyaSabha, then too it’s a good sign, as the industry can look forward to its voice being heard in the high corridors of the government through the able voice of Mr. Sinha.

The initial reactions of all three with references to problems ailing the industry were those of willingness to help and support. It now remains to be seen if the suggestions of the three cabinet ministers are accepted wholeheartedly by the industry on a single platform to enable the industry to get into a proactive dialogue with the government. It’s a light at the end of the tunnel, but as of now a welcome light.

There is a definite and urgent need of integration when it comes to fire and security, but somehow the realisation is yet to dawn at least here in India. We discuss the real benefits that this integration will bring to the two most important aspects of a good life — security and fire safety.

In our cover story this month we take up the crucial issue of training that is imparted to the various sectors of the industry. There are multiple agencies that are doing their bit, but clearly the need today is to pull cohesively in tandem; and in time to come the security industry has nothing else to offer but trained manpower in its rank and file. We discussed the issue with various professionals involved in the entire process of training to give you an update on just what is happening on this subject in the industry.
Do keep your suggestions and comments coming in just as you have in past.

Till we meet next month, stay safe and a happy festive season ahead!

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