Potter Electric Signal makes three acquisitions

Potter Electric Signal Company, LLC has acquired three mainstay product lines in the fire alarm industry: Harrington Fire Alarm, Evax Systems, and CPG Signals. It is thought that the acquisition of these three product lines will not only strengthen Potter’s position as a leader in life safety products, but will also broaden the range of products and services available to customers in order to meet all their fire protection needs.

By incorporating the technologies of these products, Potter will expand its fire system and voice product lines, providing customers even greater access to the markets they serve.

Evax Systems will remain functionally intact as an operating unit and will continue to work with all of their partners to deliver audio for a wide array of applications.
Potter has demonstrated standards such as providing an excellent work environment and focusing on outstanding customer service; leaving us certain ensuring that customers will be in good hands. Potter expects the transition of buying products from Harrington Signal, Inc. and Evax, Inc. to Potter to be relatively seamless. The excellent customer service staffs of Harrington Signal, Inc., Evax, Inc. and Potter will be available to ensure that all new purchasing occurs without a glitch. The exceptional product and support, for which these three brands are well known, will be further enhanced by Potter’s unequaled customer service and tech support.

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